HealthDataFIT: Filling In the Training gaps in Health Data Science

Do you use health data in your research? We’d like your views on training and education across the field of health data science.

Members of the Health Data Science (HDS) work stream of the NIHR  Methodology Incubator are currently gathering insight from postgraduate students and professionals working across health data science research settings to understand the availability and/or gaps in training and education in the field.

For the purpose of this project we are defining health data science research as that involving the use of large-scale data to explore or answer an applied health question. For example, research involving:

  • Routinely collected data from medical or health records (including hospitals or primary care).
  • Linking data from across different health datasets or wider administrative data.
  • Data from disease specific registries, biobanks or clinical audits.
  • Patient data collected from sensors, audio, and video (including data from cohort studies).

The findings from the HealthDataFit project will be used to generate a report for the NIHR Methodology Incubator and wider publications to highlight where any health data science training gaps may exist and potential recommendations for how these could be addressed.

 To share your experiences and views you can take part in either an:

–          interview (that should take no longer than an hour and can be conducted online or face to face where feasible)

–          an online survey (that should take no longer that 15-20 minutes to complete)

If you have any questions or would be interested in being interviewed please contact one of the following project members:

Zoe Hancox

Kate Absolom

Ruth Evans

To access the online survey you can follow this link (participants will be given the chance to enter a prize draw to win an Amazon voucher).

If you can also help to share this invite to any colleagues or postgraduate students you work with that would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

HealthDataFIT project team:

University of Leeds

Zoe Hancox

Dr Kate Absolom

Ruth Evans

Dr Sam Relton

Prof Jenny Hewison

Newcastle University

Dr Nehal Hassan

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