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Email address: yusufsuliyat22@gmail.com

Miss Suliat Yusuf

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Suliat is a dedicated public health professional and burgeoning data scientist, renowned for her invaluable contributions to understanding the intricate relationship between environmental factors and human well-being. Her journey from an inquisitive student to a respected health data researcher has been marked by unwavering determination, rigorous academic pursuits, and a passion for creating a healthier future.

The foundations of Suliat’s illustrious career were laid at Birmingham City University, where she pursued and excelled in a Master’s degree in Public Health. Her time at the university was characterized by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a deep-rooted commitment to improving community health, deeply influenced by a strong desire and motivation to create a real and positive impact in the field of public health and research.

During the course of her Master’s studies, Suliat undertook a groundbreaking dissertation titled ” The Association Between Air Pollution and Respiratory Diseases amongst Children in the UK.” This research endeavor showcased her prowess not only in navigating complex datasets but also in generating insights that could potentially transform policy-making. This investigation into the impact of air pollution on the respiratory health of children in the UK reflected their acute awareness of the urgent need to address environmental issues for the well-being of future generations.

Following the successful completion of her Master’s program, Suliat embarked on a transformative internship at the University of Birmingham’s Health Data Research team. Here, she seamlessly blended her profound understanding of public health with cutting-edge data analysis techniques. As an intern, Suliat embraced the challenges and intricacies of health data, unravelling patterns and correlations that would fuel evidence-based decision-making.

Within the confines of this role, Suliat leveraged their academic foundation to contribute meaningfully to projects aimed at understanding the intersection of health and data. Their work not only underscored their technical prowess but also highlighted their commitment to translating data-driven insights into actionable recommendations.

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