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Firoza Davies

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Firoza Davies is a patient and public representative who lives in Leicester in the East Midlands region of the UK.  She is a 46-year-old Asian British female with multiple long-term health conditions, including ankylosing spondylitis, which is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation of the joints and ligaments of the spine and widespread chronic pain syndrome.  She is visually impaired and suffers from mental health issues as well as bipolar disorder, anxiety and other conditions.

Firoza has lots of experience as a patient and public representative and has been involved and engaged in various research projects, including focus groups, workshops, and has participated in one-to-one interviews.

She is co-chair for multiple research studies and PPIE conference representative for NIHR Kings Clinical Research Facility (CRF) in London.  Firoza also works with the NIHR BRC in Birmingham and the NIHR ARC in Oxford.

She does a lot of work with the University of Leicester, along with various other Universities around the country.  This includes research charities, such as Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

She is very passionate about Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) and enjoys representing those who are unable to advocate for themselves, particularly in her local community.  She feels that there are many stigmas and taboos surrounding health research and wants to raise awareness about the benefits and significance of participating in research, especially for hard-to-reach communities and ethnic minorities.

She strongly believes that diversity is crucial in PPIE and wants to emphasise its importance.  She is also a volunteer for her local NHS Trust.

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