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Dr Paul Roberts

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As a mathematical biologist, Paul Roberts uses mathematical models to explain and predict the behaviour of biological and physiological systems, with a particular emphasis on modelling the healthy and the diseased retina. In addition to performing his own experiments, his work is conducted in close collaboration with experimental biologists, biomedical scientists and clinicians.

Paul Roberts graduated from the University of Oxford in 2010 with an MMath in Mathematics. Remaining in Oxford, he spent a year learning to do interdisciplinary research at the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre, before going on to complete a DPhil in Systems Biology/Mathematical Biology on Mathematical Models of the Retina in Health and Disease. This was followed by two Postdoctoral Fellowships; the first in Mathematical Microbiology in the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham (2015-2018) and the second in Visual Neuroscience in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Sussex (2019-2021). This latter post gave Paul valuable experience in planning and performing his own experiments. Paul is now a Centre Fellow at the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, where his primary research focus is in Mathematical Ophthalmology, specifically, using mathematical modelling to help understand and treat age-related macular degeneration.

Paul’s research focuses upon three areas:

  1. Mathematical Ophthalmology: tissue-level mathematical models of the human retina in the healthy and the diseased eye
  2. Visual Neuroscience: electrophysiological measurements and computational analysis of zebrafish retinal function
  3. Mathematical Microbiology: colony-level mathematical models of within-host bacterial infections 

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