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University of Nottingham


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Dr Grazziela Figueredo

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Dr Grazziela Figueredo is an Associate Professor specialised in Health Data Science at The University of Nottingham. Additionally, she serves as the leader of the data science research team within the Digital Research Service at the University.

Dr Figueredo possesses a background in computer science and embarked on her research career by exploring various medical domains such as pathology, psychopathology, and immunology. Her primary objective was to identify potential research gaps in the medical field that could benefit from data-driven artificial intelligence methods. Moreover, she sought to develop intelligent algorithms inspired by the functioning of bodily systems to address the challenges posed by large datasets.

Currently, Dr Figueredo’s research is centred on the development of innovative methodologies for big data analytics, systems simulation, and explainable artificial intelligence. These methodologies find applications in the domains of bio/medical and (bio) materials. Of particular interest to her is the collaborative development of intelligent healthcare data-driven solutions that incorporate feedback from clinical experts and patients. This collaboration aims to elucidate, moderate, and further validate the outcomes of artificial intelligence approaches.

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