Associate Professor of Quantitative Biomedicine

University of Birmingham


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Dr Anirban Dutta

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Dr. Dutta’s research in low-cost neuroengineering is a paradigm shift in addressing global health disparities. Using portable non-invasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging, he promotes global health equity, blending cutting-edge technology with social responsibility. His postdoctoral work, including a collaboration in Germany, laid the foundation for a multifaceted approach to neuroengineering. Dr. Dutta’s research extends to India, addressing healthcare challenges in resource-limited settings. His leadership in the ‘nphys4nrehab’ project resulted in NeuroTrix LLC, filing a patent on brain stimulation methods. Transitioning to the University at Buffalo, his lab achieved milestones in cerebellar stimulation for stroke survivors and developed a low-cost portable brain scanner for neonatal care in India. Dr. Dutta’s social entrepreneurship includes Arogya MedTech Pvt. Ltd., winning the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge with the CEREBROS brain imaging technology. Beyond academia, Dr. Dutta’s entrepreneurial ventures include SIAGNOS LLC, exploring commercial applications for low-cost portable brain imaging. His comprehensive and impactful research establishes him as a distinguished figure in neuroengineering, showcasing the transformative power of interdisciplinary research in global healthcare.

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