NHS-R Community

Promoting the use of R and open analytics in health and care

Promoting the use of R and open analytics in health and care

The NHS-R Community started in 2018 to promote the use of R in the NHS and the community has grown rapidly ever since. It is a community that is broader than the NHS as members come from public sector organisations across the UK, including Local Authorities and Civil Service, as well as academics and voluntary sector people who have an interest in healthcare. Whilst R is a core language for support by the community, there is always support for data science tools more generally, particularly where they cross over with R.

We share code and methodology and have regular online events which are free to sign up to, sharing the recordings through YouTube. Our spaces, like GitHub, are available to contribute to and get involved with data science and analytics away from sensitive data and with support from members.

Details of NHS-R Community can be found on the website https://nhsrway.nhsrcommunity.com/, our GitHub page https://github.com/nhs-r-community and, inspired by The Turing Way, our online, open source Quarto book https://nhsrway.nhsrcommunity.com/.

The Strategy Unit, which is part of NHS Midlands and Lancashire, host and support NHS-R Community through the Core Development Team https://nhsrway.nhsrcommunity.com/code-of-conduct.html#core-team.  The Community have an active Committee https://nhsrway.nhsrcommunity.com/nhsr-committee.html and members are acknowledged through their contributions rather than any official sign up.


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Start Date: 01/01/2018

End Date: 01/01/2030


The Health Foundation and The Strategy Unit (NHS ML)

Predictive models in perioperative medicine

HDR Midlands Project

PATHWAY – UHB Health Data Research Hub

HDR Midlands Project

West Midlands Secure Data Environment

HDR Midlands Project