UK Trusted Research Environments Community Meeting 2023
4 Sep 2023

4th September 2023 / Swansea University Bay Campus & Online.

UK Trusted Research Environments Community Meeting 2023

Theme: What is stopping TREs from working together?


The UK TRE community is thrilled to announce what is hoped to be the UK’s largest in-person meeting on Trusted Research Environments (TREs) to be held in Swansea on Monday 4th September 2023. The day will bring together stakeholders from all sectors and disciplines to discuss the current state of TREs, look at existing barriers, and define the future provision of TREs in the UK.

The UK TRE Community is a community that has grown organically over the last year for anyone interested in TREs, including researchers, operators, information governors and managers and more, from all sectors and disciplines. The core aims of fostering collaboration and sharing of innovative ideas to support the delivery of groundbreaking research with sensitive data have resonated across the UK and beyond.

Meeting information

The meeting will focus on how TREs can work together through the development of open standards, codebases and federation to enable sharing of technology and workflows, and will encompass a range of topics including the development of technical and governance standards for TREs, the major challenges of operating TREs today, and how the community can work together to address these and other common challenges.

The meeting is open to everyone, and will be attended by a range of stakeholders including those involved in the day-to-day development and operations of TREs, those responsible for commissioning and funding TREs, and users of TREs from the health, administrative and industry sectors.


The day will feature lightning talks from cross-sector research industry teams who are at the forefront of testing innovative ideas for TREs, and a keynote presentation on HDR UK’s plans for the tech eco-system.

However, the most important part of the day will be breakout sessions and discussions where we will take advantage of the mix of sectors and stakeholders to learn from each other, evaluate the work already done, and define goals for the community and the future provision of TREs in the UK and beyond over the next few years.

This meeting is open to everyone and free to attend, thanks to the sponsorship by The Alan Turing Institute, HDR UK and DARE UK. The morning talks will also be broadcast online for those that cannot attend in person, but all afternoon sessions including breakout discussions will be in-person only.

Date: Monday 4th September

Time: 10:00 to 5:30

Location: Swansea University, Bay Campus

Full agenda coming soon

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