Low-resolution time series data analysis in neurotechnology
29 Sept 2023

Friday 29th September / 1-5pm / Edgbaston Park Hotel

N-CODE, the EPSRC/MRC Network+ for community centred neurotech invites you to a Hot Topic Workshop on Low-resolution time series data analysis in neurotechnology.

Please join us on Friday 29th September from 1-5pm at the Edgbaston Park Hotel at the University of Birmingham for a fantastic networking opportunity where we will bring together quantitative scientists, clinicians and representatives from the health-tech industry to discuss challenges and opportunities in the analysis of low-resolution data in neurotechnology.

Topics will include:
• Exploration of the most relevant healthcare challenges in the community
• Development of predictive models based on low-resolution data
• Optimisation techniques (maximal information from minimal infrastructure)
• Development of automated pipelines for data handling

The workshop will begin with a series of short presentations where key stakeholders will discuss current challenges in the acquisition, processing, and/or analysis of neurological data outside of a clinical setting and the potential of recent data-analytic tools to address them (optimisation techniques, machine learning, AI, etc.). This will be followed by a networking activity, where participants will discuss these challenges, develop collaborative links, and initiate a wider discussion on the importance of interdisciplinary approaches for facilitating community-based care.

Confirmed speakers include:
• Prof David Grayden, University of Melbourne, Australia
• Dr Andrew Quinn, University of Birmingham
• Dr Ali Asghar Zarei, UNEEG medical
• Prof Christopher James, University of Warwick

Please register at https://bit.ly/478jWHX and we look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

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