How to get regulatory approval for an LLM-enabled medical device
18 March 2024

Monday 18th March 2024 4-5pm / Online

‘How to get regulatory approval for an LLM-enabled medical device’:
Presented by Dr Hugh Harvey

When: Monday 18th March 2024 4-5pm GMT

Where: Online, via Zoom

Who should attend? Healthcare professionals, AI developers, clinical researchers, or anyone else interested!

Cost: Free to attend, register by clicking below

What is an LLM? Large language models, or LLMs, are a type of artificial intelligence that have taken in very large amounts of text to allow them to make new text by predicting sequences of words. Examples include ChatGPT and Bard.

Why should I care? In a short time, LLMs have already become part of many people’s routine work. Using LLMs has often improved the speed people can do certain tasks at and sometimes how well they can do them.

Does it impact healthcare? Not yet. There has been lots of interest and investment in getting LLMs to improve healthcare, but it has not been done before and people responsible for their use will have to deal with new challenges, including regulation.

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Find out more about Dr Hugh Harvey below @DrHughHarvey 

Dr Harvey is an ex-NHS consultant radiologist and academic, trained at the Institute of Cancer Research, twice awarded ICR Science Writer of the Year.

 He is a prior member of the RCRs informatics and AI committees, a lifetime Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists and is an honorary fellow of the British Institute of Radiology. He also holds an honorary academic position at the University of Birmingham. He acted as co-chair to the UK Topol Health Technology Review for Health Education England, and is an advisor to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

After leaving NHS medicine and academia he worked at Babylon Health where he gained world-first regulatory approval for an AI-enabled chatbot, and then became medical director at Kheron Medical gaining EU-first CE marking for a Class IIb breast cancer screening AI software. He is globally regarded as a top clinical regulatory expert for software and AI devices.

 Managing Director at Hardian Health since 2018, he has built a specialist global consultancy focussed on software as a medical device regulatory, clinical, health economics, market strategy and intellectual property services.

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