Efficient data enabled primary care based trials (HEAT/ATTACK/STATIC)
Data Grand Round: 26 May 2023

Friday 26th May 2023 - [Online via zoom]

Dr. Colin Crooks and the STAR group from the University of Nottingham will be presenting: Efficient data enabled primary care based trials (HEAT/ATTACK/STATIC).

The STAR group in Nottingham have used routinely coded healthcare data for over 10 years to efficiently screen, recruit and follow up patients for large simple trials. Whilst the approach has inevitably evolved over time, the basis of maintaining patient anonymity up to their consent, and keeping data collection and linkage within the NHS network has been fundamental. To achieve this the group have worked in collaboration with TCR(Nottingham), NIHR Clinical Research Networks, and primary care practices. We will discuss this approach through past and current trials.

HDR Midlands Data Grand Round – Friday 26th May 2023@ 12.30pm [Online via Zoom]

The HDR Midlands Data Grand Round takes place each month at lunchtime for one hour and discuss a specific research topic at each meeting.

A research topic of interest is presented at each meeting, followed by a Q&A session which usually leads into an in-depth discussion.

The meetings are online [virtual meetings] and are recorded for any members of our community that are unable to join us, which are then made available to view via the HDR UK Midlands website.

The meetings are Chaired by our HDR Midlands Directors, who give a short HDR Midlands update at the start of each meeting.

We’d love you to join us!

Video Recording of the Meeting

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