Clinical AI Monitoring: Medical Algorithmic Audit Case Studies
24 June 2024

Monday 24th June 2024 @ 4pm / Online

AI & Digital Healthcare Incubator June webinar, register here!

Clinical AI Monitoring: Medical algorithmic audit case studies

Presented by Dr Aditya Kale, Clinical Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Join us on Monday 24th June at 4-5pm BST– online via Zoom.

 What is it? Medical algorithmic audits are a particular way in which a healthcare provider can check that the clinical AI tools that they use continue to work well. Ideally, this process is done collaboratively with input from both the company that develops the AI tools, and the organisation delivering care (e.g. a hospital).

Why should I care?
One of the differences between clinical artificial intelligence and other health technologies is its tendency to not perform the same in different clinical settings. Even in a single setting, the performance tends to change over time. That means that if robust monitoring approaches are not in place, without us realising, AI-enabled healthcare may not actually be helping patients in the way we expect.

Does it impact healthcare? Yes, there are many AI-enabled healthcare pathways serving patients right now. The only way that we can know that they are doing a good job is by regular monitoring of their performance and trying to solve any problems that we find.

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