Advancing Population Health Research Using Smartphones & Wearables
3 July 2024

Wednesday 3rd July 2024 between 1-2pm / Online

Health Research from Home Lead, Professor Will Dixon

Introducing Health Research from Home – the revolutionary new partnership that will transform the future of health research using smartphones and wearables.

3 July 2024 : 1-2PM

Our first webinar will feature Health Research from Home Lead, Professor Will Dixon, who will explain why our partnership was created and how we plan to revolutionise the future of health research. He will also share how he ran his successful research project, Cloudy With a Chance of Pain? The research showed that people with long-term health conditions are 20% more likely to suffer from pain on days that are humid and windy with low atmospheric pressure. This was done using a smartphone app developed by healthcare software company uMotif, participants recorded daily symptoms while the local weather was determined from location data provided by the smartphone’s GPS.

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